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The world population became more urban than rural in the year 2007 and more people live in cities today than ever before in the history of human civilization. This large scale growth in population of urban centres has intensified the already complex and intricate relationship between man and nature.

Preliminary urban ecological investigations have revealed that every urban region depends for its existence and growth on a globally diffuse productive hinterland up to 200 times its size. At the same time, processes within the urban ecosystem are influencing the habit and behaviour of urban biodiversity in myriad of ways.

The process of urbanisation has therefore become a crucial challenge for ensuring sustainable development and it is time that we understand, appreciate and explore the relatively novel field of urban ecology before we begin to optimize urban ecosystems.

With this as the backdrop, the Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Lab works to explore the dynamic urban ecology of cities and ensure sustainable urban development of the Indian sub-continent.

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An Enquiry into Racism in Delhi

Inclusive Urban Ecology necessary needs to include aspects of Human Ecology as well. This is because without argument, urban ecosystems are dominated by Homo sapiens or human beings. Urban ecological …