Rural Immersion Internship

The emergence of the Urban Era has much to do with large-scale migration from rural parts of India. A considerable percentage of this migration is forced and results form the lack of livelihood opportunities, climate related crop failures, government policies not reaching the grassroots and failure to recognize and uphold local self-governance. The sustainability of urban ecosystems is therefore also a product of a healthy and functioning rural ecosystem.

With this as the background, a Rural Immersion Internship (RII) was organised by the District Administration of District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh and facilitated by two Prime Minister Rural Development Fellows for the students of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. The first of such RII was mentored in the field by Dr. Govind Singh and was organised in the summer of 2014.

pdf_downloadRural Immersion Internship – Preliminary Report

The following students were selected and successfully completed the aforementioned Rural Immersion Internship:

B.Tech. (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations), CIC

  1. Pallavi Ekka
  2. Kapil Kumar
  3. Vineet
  4. Ajay Kumar

B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences), CIC

  1. Rahul
  2. Riddhi Garg
  3. Mohit Kumar
  4. Amit Kasana
  5. Ashish Yadav
  6. Vipul Kumar
  7. Khyati Panwar
  8. Vivek Shekhar




Mohit Kumar

The Rural Immersion Internship was a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience for me. Every moment of this internship proved to be a learning experience for me. Everything, right from managing food and other resources, making or managing travelling arrangements, or simply being oriented about different policies of the Government had something to learn for me.

This was not my first trip to a village but the experience of staying at Tingudi and Majhuli villages was unlike anything else that I have experience so far. The interactions with officials and CEO of coal mining companies like Mahan Coal India was a very insightful experience for me. Living in a tribal village of Madhya Pradesh was not easy and staying at the adivasi ashram meant for students allowed me to understand the challenges faced by tribal students across the country.