The Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Laboratory is based out of Delhi NCR and is led by Dr. Govind Singh. The uERA Lab has been set up with the objective of addressing the challenges of urban sustainability, sustainable development and natural resource management in the twenty first century. Dr. Govind Singh is currently Associate Professor & Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability, O.P. Jindal Global University, India.


The soul of India today is migrating to its towns and cities. To sustain the rapidly growing cities, we must optimize urban resource demand while simultaneously ensuring rural development, and protection of our forests and wildlife.

– Dr. Govind Singh


The uERA Lab primarily focuses on urban environments in the backdrop of regional and national environmental security. The uERA Lab works with an objective of strengthening the principles of sustainable development. The uERA Lab brings together an interdisciplinary skill set and conducts research towards making cities more inclusive and sustainable.


Background Articles

Spatial focus of uERA Lab:

  1. Sustainable urban development of Delhi, India
  2. Sustainable appraisal of emerging urbanisation in North-east India

Sector focus of uERA Lab:

  1. Water Policy and Resource Management
  2. Sustainable Ecotourism Development