Improving the Current System of Junk Management and Recycling

Large amount of junk is generated by households, industries and other institutes e.g. universities. This junk is usually collected by local junk dealers and is handled in an irresponsible manner. Since the handling of junk is completely unscientific, if often leads to problems and environmental degradation. Lack of awareness about hazardous and other waste management rules among junk dealers further complicates the problem. No adequate framework has been developed till date to understand the current working conditions, awareness levels and junk management practices of local junk dealers.

The project will carry out a detailed SWOT analysis of existing junk management practices and propose more efficient, safe and environment friendly ways of disposing, collecting, segregating and extraction of junk.This will also lead to value addition of junk and benefit the society as well as the environment. The project will operate by taking the University of Delhi Institutional area as a case study.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Shashi Aggarwal
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Govind Singh and Dr. Asani Bhaduri

Undergraduate Researchers’ Team:

  1. Latisha Khattar
  2. Tushar Mishra
  3. Akshay Karwal
  4. Aayushi Anand
  5. Fidel Kachari
  6. Sarthak V.
  7. Parul Madaan
  8. Adhiraj Rawat
  9. Navneet Sahu
  10. Nikita Garg




  • This project was selected by the University of Delhi for collaboration with foreign universities! green-star
  • Click here to read the project summary on the website of University of Michigan, USA
  • As part of the foreign collaboration, this project was briefly joined by Kevin Li, Undergraduate Engineering student at the University of Michigan


pdf_downloadCIC-206: Half-yearly Project Report

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