Syllabus & Question Papers

This page includes Syllabi and Questions papers of subjects taught by Dr. Govind Singh.


Environmental Studies (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course – AECC as part of Choice Based Credit System)

  • Click here for Reading Material on Environmental Studies (For students of University of Delhi only)


Environmental Studies (Compulsory Core Course for all Undergraduate students of University of Delhi)

This Course is aimed at imparting knowledge to undergraduates from all study areas to help them understand and appreciate various concepts and issues about environment at local, regional and global levels. The Syllabus of the Course is derived from that framed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) after the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India directed UGC to frame a compulsory core 4 credit course for all undergraduate students in India in 1993.

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Environmental Management (Semester V Paper of B.Tech. Innovation with Mathematics & IT at CIC, DU)


eBusiness – Organisation & Strategy (Semester VI Paper of B.Tech. Innovation with Mathematics & IT at CIC, DU)

This Course is taught as a paper of the B.Tech. Innovation with Mathematics & IT Course at CIC, DU. The question paper file attached below is from the Even Semester Examination during the academic year 2013-14.


Environmental Studies & Ecosystem Management

This syllabus was submitted to CIC, DU for inclusion as a two-credit course in the first year of B.Tech in IT & Mathematical Innovations.