Urban Metabolism and Ecological Footprint Analysis of Delhi City

Project Summary:

Urban growth of Delhi is consuming the natural resources of the city at an alarming rate. The water quality of River Yamuna is completely consumed as it passes through the city while the green spaces are rapidly being converted into concrete jungle. The project investigates the urban metabolism of Delhi city, after presenting Delhi as a living-breathing organism. The project utilizes interdisciplinary tools from economics, ecology and social sciences to enumerate the urban metabolism of Delhi. The ecological footprint of Delhi city has been analyzed to understand the local and regional environmental impacts of Delhi’s urban growth.

Project Team:

Adhiraj Singh Rawat,
Fidel Kachari
Tushar Mishra
Dr. Govind Singh (Mentor)

One thought on “Urban Metabolism and Ecological Footprint Analysis of Delhi City”

  1. We are an operating Private Equity, and are evaluating Ecology centric businesses. Delhi presents an interesting case in point, and hence wanted to read this project, if you could kindly email it to me.


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