Holambi Khurd 2

Distinctive Features – This wetland is owned by the BDO. A well-defined boundary along with the park. Although there was water yet the size of the water body had been reduced and in its place a park has been developed with a walk way around it.  A well-developed wetland and contains aplenty of water. Maintenance is needed to be done. The water body is developed but the same is in shambles. Water body is maintained by Horticulture Department and I&FC to develop it properly. The wetland has huge potential for migratory birds.

Economic Benefits: This wetland has a huge potential of tourism as its location is best suited to attract people for recreational activities.

Geographical Location: Latitude , Longitude , 28.795151,  77.102928 (See on Google Maps)

Altitude = 196.3 metres.

 Bird Species: Magpie, Wagtail.

Areas of Concern: Lack of maintenance by the concerned authority and lack of awareness among common people, Promotion of the site.


  • The matter requires immediate action of the higher authorities. Development to be done by concerned authority. There is a need of immediate conservation of this precious wetland.
  • Promotion of the wetland for eco-tourism and recreational activities.
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