Distinctive Features – This wetland is natural and is permanently wet and with improper demarcation and is situated near a temple. Boundary wall does not exist at all. Sewerage flowing into the water body and it has become dumping of cow-dung. There is a huge potential for fishing and ground water can be found down to 30 ft. There are two wells in the surrounding but both of them are dry even one of them is completely blocked.

Since the wetland is in the middle of a residential area so garbage from all sides can be seen. The water is eutrophication due to contamination and garbage is also visible. The water can be used for drinking water for livestock after proper treatment but there is no space for any recreational activities. During the monsoon season it fills completely upto a height of 25-30 feet.

Geographical Location: Latitude, Longitude – 28.771067, 77.120517 (See on Google Maps)

Altitude = 208  metres

Birds Species: Cormorants.

Plant Species: Eucalyptus, Neem.

Areas of Concern: Improper demarcation, cow-dumping all around, garbage issues, boundary walls.


  • Immediate need for demarcation of the water body.
  • A proper boundary wall should need to construct.
  • Make the people aware not throw the garbage in the vicinity of the wetland and not to dump the cow dung alongside it.
  • The wetland can be used for cultivating fishes and drinking water for livestock.
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