Master’s Dissertation on Public Perception of Organic Farming

A Master’s dissertation related research work entitled Analysis of Government Policy on Organic Farming and Assessing Public Awareness  on Organic Products was completed by Mukesh Prasad Gupta under the guidance of Dr. Govind Singh and was submitted to the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi in May 2014.

Abstract: The addition of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to the farming system has created major health and environmental problems. In India, the use of these synthetic chemicals in agriculture began with great impetus after the advent of the Green Revolution. However, there is no dearth of case studies today which indicate towards the harms brought about by the extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has had deleterious impacts on the human and environmental health. Consequently, the world today is witnessing an increasing popularity of the concept of Organic Farming, which is gaining rapid international importance. 

The Government of India (GoI) already has a policy for promoting organic farming. However, the policy focuses largely for making the farmers aware of organic farming. It is often assumed that public is aware of organic farming and its benefits and will buy organic products, which are usually more expensive. What needs to be explored is whether the general public is actually aware of the advantages and implications of organic farming? Such an analysis is critical promoting organic products and shifting from chemical based agriculture to organic farming. The research work embodied in the thesis is an attempt to evaluate the public awareness of organic farming and organic products in Delhi. A review of the benefits of organic farming as well as an analysis of the Organic Farming related policies of the GoI has also been carried out.

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