Master’s Dissertation on Status of Environmental Education in Higher Education

A Master’s dissertation related research work for the dissertation entitled Analyzing the Environmental Education Landscape in Higher Education in Delhi and a Case Study of the MA/MSc Environmental Studies Programme at DES, DU was completed by Krishna Gogoi under the guidance of Dr. Govind Singh and was submitted to the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi in May 2014.

Abstract: Environmental Studies has gained immense importance since the turn of this century. Consequently, several universities in India are now running environmental courses at the post-graduate level. The latter is a response to the need of environmental education by training specialists who can work in the rapidly emerging field of Environmental Studies & Management. However, the discipline of Environmental Studies faces considerable challenges which are constantly faced by the architects of ES programmes. As a result, EE has evolved and diversified at the post-graduate level and there is a need for bringing chaos to order in this regard. The research work embodied in the dissertation identifies and enumerates the challenges being faced in the field of EE in Higher Education in India. The research work also explores the EE at Higher Education landscape in Delhi and puts forward a detailed case study of the MA/MSc Environmental Studies course offered by the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi.

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