Master’s Dissertation on Status of Environmental Education at School Level

A Master’s dissertation related research work for the dissertation entitled,
“Environmental Education, Awareness and Attitude of School Students in North Delhi”

was completed by Sudarshana Kalita under the guidance of Dr. Govind Singh

and was submitted to the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi in May 2014.

Dissertation Abstract: Environment is an essential entity of life in the sense that the survival of life depends on it in one way or the other. However, man and his activities have led to the present deteriorating condition of the environment. There is thus a need to develop and implement Environmental Education (EE) as a tool for life long learning right from childhood. Interestingly, the structure, pedagogy and curriculum of schools should and have incorporated EE in one or the other form. The research work embodied in the dissertation attempts to study and evaluate the level of awareness and attitude of school students towards the environment after the aforementioned implementation and incorporation of EE in schools of Delhi. The role of Government led Eco-Clubs is also explored in enhancing environmental education imparted to school students.

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