Public Perception of Ecosystem Services of North Delhi Ridge

The Delhi Ridge is the Northern extension of the Aravalli Hill Ranges and is also one of the two lifelines of Delhi. The urban forest on the Delhi Ridge act as the green lungs of Delhi and help purify the air, which is much needed in Delhi since it is one of the most polluted cities in the world. However, the Ridge forest has been facing constant threat from both legal and illegal encroachment and the pressure of ‘development’.

This research project has focused on the North Delhi Ridge, the northern part of the Aravalli hill ranges in Delhi, and has surveyed the citizens who frequent this place to draw from its ecosystem services. A detailed GIS-based analysis of the North Delhi Ridge has also been carried out, which also highlights the ecotourism potential of the North Delhi Ridge.

This research project was co-coordinated by Mr. Alok Sharma  and assisted by Ms. Ishani Gupta and Ms. Pratibha Baveja as their internship project with Delhi Greens NGO.

The findings of this paper were published as a research article in the Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (ISSN 2456-4478).

Sustainability Appraisal and Economic Valuation of North Delhi Ridge Using Participatory Research Approach
Govind Singh, Alok Sharma, Ishani Gupta, Pratibha Baveja

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