Using ICT for Promoting Urban Biodiversity Conservation

The project aims at exploring various Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools for biodiversity conservation by taking up the issue of the need of conservation of declining bird population in Delhi.

Delhi was known to have more than 450 different species of birds as recent as 2005. In over a decade’s time period, the urban growth of Delhi has led to a decline in the diversity of birds in the city. The sparrow population in Delhi has been restricted to certain pockets and the degradation and extinction of wetlands in Delhi has declined the water birds. The protection and conservation of birds is therefore the need of the hour. Such conservation can only take place by involving and engaging the people who are the stakeholder of the natural resources of Delhi city.

The project is aimed at promoting bird watching among the citizens of Delhi. A major barrier identified during encouraging bird watching was the inability of citizens to identify the different bird species. Consequently, the latter became an obstacle and in order to overcome this obstacle the project is working to develop a web-based application for identifying birds of Delhi. The application will be so designed that it can be accessed by anyone with a smart phone and will help the citizens in rapid identification of birds by typing in a few keywords. Once fully developed, the web-app will go a long way in promoting bird watching in Delhi and help create considerable interest towards birds and their conservation in the people of Delhi.

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