Analysing the Popularity of Domestic R.O. Devices in Delhi

The water demand of the National Capital Territory of Delhi has been constantly rising with increasing population as well due to increase in the standard of living. An important component in the latter is the now widespread use of Reverse Osmosis or R.O. devices for purifying tap water before it is consumed. The R.O devices are such that for every one litre for water, several litres of water is wasted and usually flows down the drain. Despite this, R.O. devices are gaining more and more popularity each passing day.

This research project attempts to analyze the reasons behind the increasing popularity of R.O. devices in Delhi. The socioeconomic implication of this is also assessed. The research lays emphasis on the question whether are R.O devices really required in Delhi and if yes, then what are the factors behind this now perceived necessity.

This research project was assisted by Aditya Srinivasan and Abhinav Pal, first year students of Department of Economics, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi as their internship project with Delhi Greens NGO.

The findings of this research project were presented during the International Conference on Environmental Impact on Biodiversity, Sustainability and Quality of Life on 16-18 February 2017 at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.

Urban Water Supply and Delhi: Influx of R.O. Devices and its Socioenvironmental Implications
Govind Singh, Aditya Srinivasan, Abhinav Pal

The extended findings of this research project was also published in the Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (ISSN 2456-4478).

Implication of Household Use of R.O. Devices for Delhi’s Urban Water Scenario
Govind Singh

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  1. The new Court rulings are saying no to Ro, but is that okay for health? The water in my house smells and sometimes comes turbid in south Delhi.

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