IPVaani Radio

Radio is an important media tool which has the potential of reaching out to the masses, and to all sections of the society. Unlike other forms of media like Television and the Internet, Radio requires least investment in infrastructure and therefore proves to be an effective and efficient medium of information dissemination, especially in developing countries. Radio also involves only one from among all our senses: the faculty of hearing. This makes Radio the least invasive form of media, and it is perhaps this reason that despite the emergence of Television and the Internet, Radio broadcasting over satellite television and Internet Radio (and Podcasting) continue to maintain the popularity of Radio, both for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

IPVaani has been initiated as the Online Radio Webcast of the Radio Club of the Department of B.A. Programme, Indraprastha College for Women. It is an experimental radio broadcast project initiated by Amulya Hans of the Department of B.A. Program of IP College, with technical inputs from Dr. Govind Singh. IPVaani Radio Weblink can be accessed by visiting the IP College website and is available to any listener who has access to Internet, either on the laptop/computer or on the Smartphone.

Since the IPVaani application is web-based, it does not require the users to download or install any app or software. Listeners can simply log on to http://ipcollege.ac.in/radio, choose their programme of choice and click on the Play button to listen to their favourite programmes.