Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal of Wetlands in Delhi

This research project was initiated by the students Geetika, Navneet Sahu and Nissar Ali Malik of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi under the mentorship of Dr. Govind Singh, Mr. Asani Bhaduri and Mr. Saleem Mir.

Initial Project Summary: Wetlands are broadly defined as areas where water is the primary factor controlling the environment and the associated plant and animal life. Wetlands today are under extreme pressure of extinction due to anthropogenic reasons. Delhi was once known to have more than thousand wetlands. The most recent inventorization of wetlands, which was carried out as part of the Delhi Climate Action Plan – 2009 to 2012 lists 621 wetlands out of which many are already dry, encroached or no longer exist. This is very concerning since wetlands in Delhi act as buffer against monsoon flooding and also help recharge the now rapidly declining ground water. The project will carry out inventorisation, environmental assessment and sustainability appraisal of wetlands in North Delhi area (as delimited by North and North-west districts) of the NCT of Delhi. The wetlands will be assessed based on pre-determined criteria such as ecological assessment, threat perception and sustainability appraisal. An attempt will be made to make the wetland inventory data public in an interactive manner so as to invite public participation in the project.

The Project Report of this research project was submitted to Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi and was evaluated.

Click here to Download the Academic Poster of this research project.

Click here to Browse the Inventory of North Delhi Wetlands (Assessment Year: 2014)

This research project was presented as a research paper during National Conference on Earth and Environment – Pollution and Prevention on 28-30 January, 2014 at Amity University, NOIDA, India.

Urban Wetland Monitoring Using GIS Technology in the NCT of Delhi
Nissar Ali Malik, Navneet Sahu, Geetika Virdi, Govind Singh, Asani Bhaduri, Saleem Mir

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  1. Hi, It is good to know that your lab is contributing a lot for conserving Delhi’s ecological importance. It is great to see that you have published your works and reports as open source material on your web site along with project info so that other organizations/individuals can carry out works on similar lines.

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