Awareness on Ewaste Management: Where to Begin?

Rapid growth in population, technology and consumerism has led to a steady increase in the consumption of electronic items and subsequently the generation of electronic waste (E-waste). E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, which came into force in May 2012, assign responsibilities to various stakeholders at different levels for safe management and handling of e-waste. The E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules make it the responsibility of companies, institutes and citizens to ensure safe disposal of e-waste. However, considerable awareness is needed to mainstream this issue with the citizens before we can be sure that every single piece of e-waste is being disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

The project will evaluate the awareness levels of different sections of society (students, government personnel, personnel working in the private sector) and also study the impact each of these sections have on generating Ewaste. Awareness about Ewaste Management Rules will also be evaluated among the population surveyed. Ewaste is a challenge which is inherent to the IT Sector. It is in fact the most prominent environmental threat that the IT sector poses. Due to lack of awareness in the present day, the threat is not recognized to the extent that it should be. The project will address these concerns and come out with an outcome which will be able to influence policy with respect to manufacturing, reuse and recycle of IT related electronic products.


The project will strike partnerships with NGOs  and corporate houses and make an inventory of existing and innovative waste management solutions at the individual, colony, municipality and city level. One or two solutions will be identified and the students will be trained to build a business model around them while also get hands on training by working at the ground level in collaboration with companies and/or NGOs working in this sector.

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