Bhalswa Lake

Distinctive Features – Bhalswa Lake is located near Jahangirpuri and Bhalswa landfill  at the Karnal Road. It is maintained by DDA and Delhi Tourism. A lot of tourism potential is untapped.  An extension of the nearby town of Bhalswa Jahangirpuri has been built on it, destroying the once excellent wetland ecosystem and wildlife habitat of the region which once played host to scores of local and migratory wildlife species, especially waterbirds, including waterfowl, storks and cranes.

Geographical Location: Latitude, Longitude  = 28.7435804, 77.1715307 (See on Google Maps)

Bird Species: Kites, Cormorants, Bluethroat, Ducks, Wide Wagtail, Gull, Kingfisher, Peacock, Magpie, Dove, Pied Maina, Egrets ,Lapwing.

Areas of Concern: Maintenance of Boating Club, Maintenance of Road (Route Connectivity), Water Treatment, Surrounding Plantation.

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  1. Hi Respected Sir/Madam
    there is overflow of water in the Bhalswa Lake which has disturbed the lives of people living near by this Lake as the lake water is flowing towards Guru Nanak Dev Colony which has affected people lives badly. so much water in the colony and even the street are with full of water . snakes and fishes are also being seen flowing in this water which can harm people here. none of the administration team has taken the responsibility to prevent this problem. This problem can lead to critical warm to any individual here . This is my Humble request please take appropriate action on this request and get us relieved from this crisis .

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