Tree Census Project in IP College Campus

Trees are the true best friends of human beings because the basic resources we need to survive (oxygen, water and biomass) are directly or indirectly obtained from trees. Trees and green plants are the only source of oxygen, without which life – as we know it – is not possible. Yet, many of us are remain unaware of the diversity of trees that are found around us.

The Tree Census project was undertaken at Indraprastha College for Women (University of Delhi) in order to obtain the data of the total number and species of trees found in the College campus, and also to label each tree with its local and scientific names so that students are able to identify different tree species and therefore relate to them.

The Tree Census Project at IP College was initiated and led by Dr. Govind Singh and was assisted by the following students of the Department of Economics of IP College: Ashwariya Sah, Aanchal, Shambhavi, Simran, Madalsa Poddar, Marwah, Reeny Modi, Ruchi Saini.

Click here to Read the Tree Census of IP College Report (Interim)

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Click here to Read the details of the Release of Tree Census of IP College Report by Prof. Radhey Shyam Sharma, Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi along with Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, Principal, IP College.